known as the ‘Big Dragon (大龍) and a 20th generation representative of the Chen family

Master Chen Bing (陳炳),also known as the ‘Big Dragon (大龍)’, is a 20th generation representative of the Chen family, and 12th generation lineage leader of Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). He is a direct descendant of Taijiquan creator Chen Wangting (陳王廷). In addition, Master Chen Bing is a first 'Heavenly King' of 'Chen Village 8 Heavenly Kings' (陈家沟八大天王) appointed by Chen Village Committee in 2006.

Born in March, 1971 at Chenjiagou 陳家溝 (Chen Village), the renowned birthplace of Taijiquan in Henan Province, China. Chen Bing is the only son of Chen Yonghe (陳永和), the eldest brother of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and Grand Master Chen Xiaoxing. Master Chen Bing first learned Chen Taijiquan from his famous uncle, Chen Xiaowang, at the age of 6. Master Chen Bing is the eldest and first dragon of a 20th generation of the Chen Family 'Seven Dragons’, which also include Chen Jun, Chen Yingjun, Chen Ziqiang, Chen Zijun, Chen Pengfei and Chen Shiwu.

A decorated international champion, Chen Bing earned the title of "Taiji Almighty (太極全能)" for his numerous awards, and is considered a "Chinese Intangible Cultural Asset of Taijiquan." A graduate of Shanghai University of Sports and formerly vice-mayor of Chen Village, Master Chen Bing is the founder/president of the Chen Bing Taiji Academy, which houses its headquarters in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, China.

Master Chen Bing runs his main academy in Chenjiagou, where he still teaches and resides. Following in the footsteps of his uncle and main mentor, Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, Master Chen Bing has been tirelessly leading seminars throughout Europe, North America and Asia. He does so to promote and propagate the true essence of his illustrious family’s crowning jewel - Chen Family Taijiquan.

Not only well-known for his fierce power and inimitable skill, also Master Chen’s humility, warmth, lucid approach and soft-spoken nature make him one of the most respected, accessible, progressive and formidable ambassadors of the Chen family. Sought out by Taiji enthusiasts from all over the world, Chen Bing is one of the true, great masters of modern times.

Master Chen Bing is the first king of 'Chen Village 8 Heavenly Kings' (陈家沟八大天王) who are the new generation leaders of Chen Family Taijiquan after the Chen Village 4 Diamonds (陈家沟四大金刚) who are Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, Wang Xian, Zhu Tiancai and Chen Zhenglei.